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According to the West African Examinations Council, Social Studies is a study of the contemporary problems of the society. The subject prepares the individual to enter into society by equipping him/her with knowledge about the culture or ways of life of their society, its problems, its values and its hopes for the future. The subject is multi-disciplinary and takes its source from many subjects, e. g. Geography, History, Sociology, Psychology, Economics and Civic Education. 

Essential elements of the knowledge and principles from these disciplines are integrated into a subject that stands on its own.  

As a subject social studies helps students to understand their society better; helps them to investigate how their society functions and hence assists them to develop that critical and at the same time developmental kind of mind that transforms societies.

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The importance of adolescent chastity
Importance of adolescent health education
Irresponsible adolescent behaviour 
The importance of adolescent chastity 
The importance adolescent reproductive health education 
The causes of irresponsible adolescent behaviour

Changing a person's personality
False identity
How to build good gender relations 
How a person's personality can be changed 
The negative effects of false identity and how it can be overcome

Funerals and their importance
Traditional music and dance
Traditional marriage in Ghana
The significance of the chieftancy institution in Ghana 
The significance of puberty rites in Ghana The importance of traditional marriage in Ghana 
The importance of traditional music in Ghana 

Alternative dispute resolution
What is mediation? Advantages of mediation.
Arbitration, advantages and disadvantages

Reasons for low productivity in Ghana 
The importance of natural resources in the development of a country 
The reasons why Ghanaians misbehave at work 
The importance of natural resources in national development 
How to develop Ghana's human resource 
Reasons for the brain drain in Ghana 
The negative effects of exploiting national resources 

The role of education in social change
Reasons for female genital mutilation
The reasons for abolishing female genital mutilation
The handling of national currencies
The proper way to handle national currencies
Taking a good care of a country's currency notes
Reasons for abolishing forced marriages in West Africa
Widowhood rites in Ghana
The negative aspects of widowhood rites in Ghana
The reasons for abolishing widowhood rites in Ghana
Why funerals are expensive in Ghana 
The importance of funerals in Ghana

The advantages and disadvantages of limited liability companies
How sole proprietors and other private individuals fund their businesses 
Why the private sector performs better than the public sector

How to prevent conflicts in society
Peace building and conflict resolution 
Alternative dispute resolution 
The advantages of mediation as a tool for conflict resolution 
The advantages and disadvantages of arbitration 

Factors that prevent the development of one's capabilities
The effects of irresponsible adolescent behaviour
How to prevent irresponsible adolescent behaviour 
How to build good gender relations

The role of traditional rulers in modern Ghana 
The significance of the Chieftaincy institution in Ghana
The negative effects of the Chieftaincy institution in Ghana