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The responsibilities and duties of an African child in an African home

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In every family setting, whether it is nuclear or extended family, it is not only the father or the mother that has obligations and responsibilities to carry. The children are also expected to perform specific functions and some of these functions are discussed below.

Respect for authority
The first and, maybe the foremost responsibility of children at home toward their parents is to be respectful. As children who have been well trained by their parents, they are expected to abide by the rules and regulations that have been instituted by their parents for the proper upkeep and running of the house. Loyalty and faithfulness to their parents is a must.

The performance of domestic chores
Another function of the children is to help in the performance of household chores. There are different types of work to be performed in the house from the morning till the time people go to sleep. When the children are young, these functions are performed by the mother or the father or any other older person who is staying at home at the time. When the children are of age, it is expected that they help their parents to perform the same duties.

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Taking care of younger siblings and running errands
Also, the children are expected to take care of their younger siblings when their parents are away. There are several occasions when parents have to leave the home to attend a funeral, a marriage ceremony, and visit family members in distant lands where they cannot carry the younger ones along. There are times too when parents could decide to quickly go to the farm to pick a few foodstuffs for the family and may not wish to take the younger ones there. It is the duty of the children to help take care of these younger ones while their parents are away.

Offering economic support
Another function the children are expected to perform in the house is to help the parents in whatever they are doing. In the past, parents were farmers, hunters, blacksmiths, carpenters, and fishermen, just to mention a few. It is the duty of the children to help their father in their profession. One of the benefits of this approach is that the children are trained to take their parents profession. Today, because of education, most o the children are in school and come home sometimes very late. However, parents expect them to give a helping hand from time time.

Children are expected to show love and companionship and pay attention to their parents especially when they seem to be emotionally down. It is never in the place of the child to seen to be openly hostile to his or her parents. No matter the level of provocation, a child is expected to hold his or her anger or display of same.

Be of good behaviour
How the children of an African family is viewed in the eyes of the public is very important to many parents. For that reason, parents expect their children to put good bahaviour when they find themselves in the public domain. Parents can scold or even severely punish their children for misbehaving towards an older member of the community. The ward may even be compelled to go and apologize to the one they offended. The parents must be seen in the eyes of the public to correcting their wards when they go wrong.

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