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The reasons why people travel

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Definition of travel
Travel simply means people moving from one geographical area to another using different means of transport such as vehicles, trains, ships, motorbikes, bicycles, or even travelling on foot. Some travellers just go straight to a long distant destination while some hop, staying for short periods at different locations before they finally reach their destination. There is no specific period for travelling, people travel at any time that is convenient to them.

Visit friends or relations
People travel in order to visit their friends and or relatives in other parts of their own country or in other parts of the world far away from their original homes. Children are sent to see their grand-fathers or grand-mothers. People travel to be introduced to their mothers-in-law or fathers-in-law-to-be.

For Holidays
Some other people travel for holidays. They move away from their comfort zone and move into very new areas just to relax and have some leisure and pleasure. Some plan their travels over a long period of time and save toward it so that they can have a memorable experience.

For health purposes
There is what is now called medical tourism. People travel to get treatment for an aliment they are suffering from while others just travel away from home for routine medical check-up. In many cases, people travel elsewhere because the treatment for the diseases they are suffering from is not available in their own area or country, hence the need to travel. Some too travel to receive beauty therapy, a face lift or breast implant.

For business purposes or for shopping
Another reason why people travel is that they go to do business. For example, businessmen or women from Nigeria travel to China or Dubai to buy goods which they ship into Nigeria to be distributed on wholesale basis. Some others do not buy to re-sell; they buy items they need personally. People have insatiable taste for goods manufactures in other people’s country. They are happy to travel from where they are resident to buy items of their choice in other places. In sort, they travel to do shopping.

For conferences or meetings
Again people travel to attend conferences. For example, there are several conferences on the calendar every year, organized by international organizations such as the World Trade Organization and agencies of the United Nations, etc. Some also travel to attend meetings, especially, business meetings.

To attend trade fares or exhibition
The reasons why some people travel is to attend trade fares; there are trade fares on the calendar all year round and people select which ones they want to attend. The trade fare could be right in one’s country or in other people’s country. Others too travel to exhibit their works or goods. Artist, for example, could travel with their works of art to exhibit at Art Galleries around the world or locally.

For religious purposes
Also, people travel from the city to attend religious festivals back in their hometowns. Some too attend religious conventions or go on retreats or camps. The Muslims, for example, travel to Mecca every year on pilgrimage as directed by their Prophet. Christians also visit Israel as a form of pilgrimage. Adherents of other gods travel yearly to pay homage to their deities.

To attend sporting events
The reason why some people travel is to watch, for example, football matches or tournaments. Other sports disciplines also organize competitions every year and people travel from their place of abode to watch those sporting competitions in the area of athletics, tennis, cricket, rugby etc. Some sports events include, FIFA Football Tournaments and meetings organized by the International Amateur Athletic federation.

To acquire education
Yet again, some travel to acquire education. Young students leave home for boarding schools to acquire secondary school education. Others leave their country to acquire first or second degrees outside their country either on scholarship or privately funded.

For purposes of self esteem
Finally, some travel because it boosts their self-esteem. In the developing world like Africa, where majority of the people cannot afford air tickets or even go through rigorous procedures to acquire visas to travel to foreign countries, anybody who is able to do so is held in high esteem. So travelling boosts the personal self-esteem of many people.


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