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The developmental benefits of tourism

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There are a lot of developmental benefits from tourism. They cut across infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water and communication; superstructure such as buildings and rural development such as preservation of nature and proper land usage.

Construction of Roads
One very common feature of infrastructural development in tourism is in the area of roads construction. In a bid to improve access to tourist sites, governments undertake road construction. They also engage in the expansion of road network to ease the movement of people from place to place.

Provision of electricity
In addition to the construction of roads, electricity is extended to places where it was hitherto not available. Where it was already available, provision is made for it to be more stable. Even where, in some parts of Africa, government is unable to extend electricity, private individuals, for the purposes of their business, are able to acquire electric plants, fueled by diesel to generate their own electricity. Some even venture into renewable energy and all this tend to benefit the society.

Provision of water
Another type of benefit from tourism is the provision of clean portable water. This serves a dual purpose in the sense that while aiming at making the tourist stay convenient and enjoyable, the local people also benefit. In many instances, the water pipelines have to run through some communities before it gets to its actual destination. It so happens that those communities where the pipelines run through also get provided with clean water.

Tourism also brings about improvement in communication or the provision of one where there has been none in the first place. Tourists who visit another country would like to communicate with their family back home at all times. In this age of mobile telephony, it would be an unpleasant experience for a foreign visitor if he or she cannot communicate with his or her family. Communication is also vital in domestic tourism.

Another benefit from tourism is the building of superstructures such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, to mention but a few. These buildings go a long way to beautify the skies of the host countries. In some cases, skyscrapers are built to improve the beauty of the cities of the host country.

As millions of visitors pour into a tourist destination, the cities may become choked if vehicular movement is at its peak. Some destination countries undertake the construction of flyover to ease vehicular movement. All these may again serve as tourist attractions.

Preservation of nature
Another area of development from tourism is the way it preserves nature. This is especially so where nature tourism is encouraged. People visit places to see animals in their natural habitat. In order to make their experience a memorable one, the natural environments of the animals have to be kept intact. This way, nature is preserved.

Improvement in land usage
Where eco-tourism is encouraged, it can lead to improvement in land usage. This is because eco-tourism promotes visits to relatively fragile areas where the natural environment is undisturbed. In order to continue to keep it undisturbed for more eco-tourists to come, the status quo must be maintained. This goes a long way to benefit the society in the optimum usage of their land.

1. a. What is tourism?
    b. In which six ways can a country benefit, developmentally from tourism?

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