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The solutions to the problems of agriculture in English-speaking West Africa

Land reforms

One of the solutions to the problems of agricultural production is to undertake land reforms. The ownership of land in English speaking West Africa is a problem. The reforms must be geared toward the easy acquisition of land.

Capital for agricultural business
Another way of improving agriculture in English speaking West Africa is to make credit facilities readily available to the farmers and on very good terms. This will ensure that is able to expand and improve upon his farming activities in order to make more profit and feed his or her nation.

Provision of storage facilities
Another solution is to provide storage facilities for the farmers. This way, they can store their surplus harvest and sell when the prices are better. It can also help the country to establish buffer stock to be injected into the system in times of scarcity.

Provision of water
The government should provide sources of water so that the farmers can farm all year round. The government could provide every farming enclave with dam so that it can serve as a source water to water the farms when the rains fail. The government could also irrigate large portions of the land and give them out to farmers to cultivate and pay back later.

Provide adequate extension officers
Governments should train more extension officers in the various training schools and deploy them into the communities. This way, the technical advice that is provided can be extended to a lot of the farmers who need such services.

Improved transportation
The governments must improve upon the communication and transportation network in order to facilitate the easy and continuous movement of agricultural products from the hinterlands to the big cities for distribution and sale.

1. What six suggestions would you advance as solutions to the problems of agriculture in your country?

2. Highlight six solutions to the problems of agriculture.

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