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The advantages of co-operative farming


Co-operative farming can be defined as an association of like minded farmers with the sole aim of pooling their resources together for agricultural production. Membership is voluntary and the idea is to help each other since they all individually have very limited resources to start with.

Reduces the cost of production
Co-operative societies are able to easily acquire machines for the use of individual members so it reduces the time used in clearing the land for example. This also helps the individual farmer to increase what he gets from the acreage under cultivation.

Easy access to farm inputs
As a co-operative, farm input suppliers are able to deal with them than would otherwise have been the case if they approached the suppliers individually. The effect is that they are able to get the needed supply of equipment and input on timely bases. Inputs such as seeds and fertilizers arrive on schedule.

Increased production
One other advantage of co-operative farming is that the farmers are able to increase their level of production. This is because the individual farmers now use improved methods like tractor ploughing, improved seedlings, better pest control and better and faster harvesting methods.

Increases farmers’ bargaining power
Another advantage of co-operative farming is that they are able to get a fair price for their produce. This is because, as a group, they are able to properly bargain with the buyers and or middle men. They could also hold on to their products to be able to sell at the highest price possible.

Creates social links
The membership of the farmer in a co-operative group helps him or her to develop social and business links that can become useful in the maximization of their production. Apart from that it brings about brotherly feeling and everybody becomes his brother’s keeper.

Opportunity for training
Co-operative societies are able to invite experts in their field to come and give them education on new trends in the business or improvement upon the old methods of doing things. Such training opportunities help the individual farmers to improve upon their farming activities.

1. Highlight six advantages of co-operative farming.

2. In what six ways is co-operative farming important to the economy of your country?

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