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Agriculture in West Africa: key features that do not help the economy

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The land size is relatively small
One of the features of agriculture in English speaking West Africa is that the land that is cultivated by the farmers is small. The land is held in trust by family heads or chiefs and is released to family members for use. Dividing the land over and over again has resulted in situation where only small portions of the lands are available to the people to cultivate.

It is mostly subsistence
Another feature of agriculture is that it is done on subsistence bases. Most of the farmers cultivate the land to feed themselves and their families. They do not farm on commercial bases to sell to others or for exports.

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Methods of farming are rudimentary
The method of farming that is employed by the people in English speaking West Africa by most farmers is still basic. Most of the farmers still stick to slash and burn; they still use basic implements like hoes and cutlasses.

Output from agriculture is low
As a result of the features noted above, it is no wonder that the level of agricultural production is very low. In other words, putting more lands under cultivation, using improved methods of farming and engaging in commercial farming would have increased production.

1. Describe the features of agriculture in English speaking West Africa.

2. In which six ways would characterize agricultural activity in English speaking West Africa?


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