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The disadvantages of a multi-party system

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Definition of multi-party system
A multi-party system refers to the political party system in which more than two parties are allowed to legally operate in the state. These parties compete with each other to gain political power in order to implement their own manifesto programmes.

Expensive to operate
One of the disadvantages of multi-party system is that it is very expensive to run. All the parties vying for political power must convince the people to vote for them. They must organize rallies, advertise in the media, and buy airtime on radio and television and many other things to catch the eye of the voter. This needs money to prosecute.

It is divisive 
Another disadvantage of multi-party system is that it can lead to divisions in the nation. This is especially so in Africa where parties could be formed along tribal, religious or ethnic lines. The many parties that get formed then campaign on one ideological belief or the other. The splinter of parties helps to create divisions. 

Provides too many choices
Under a multi-party system is that it allows for too many parties to be formed, some of which do not have any chance of ever coming into power. The disadvantage of this situation is that the electorates are bombarded with too many choices to the point where they get confused.

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Results in coalition governments
Another disadvantage is that, in most cases, after elections, no party is able to get the absolute majority to be able to form a government. The result is that some parties have to come together before a government can be formed. These coalition governments are mostly weak and unstable.

Stifles continuity
The presence of so many parties in a multi-party system allows for the frequent formation of coalition governments. Coalition governments frequently break down so it does not allow for continuity in a single policy for the continuous development of the country.

Generates unnecessary rivalry
There are many parties vying for the ultimate goal of ruling the country, each trying to outdo the other. This can degenerate into an unhealthy rivalry among the various parties. If not well managed, it can result in conflicts and retard the country’s development.

1. Highlight six disadvantages of a multi-party system? [12 marks]

2. a. Explain the concept of multi-party.
    b. Highlight five disadvantages of multi-party.

The advantages of a multi party system
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