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The advantages of a multi-party system

Definition of multi-party system
To discuss the advantages of a multi party system, we must first determine what a multi party system is. A multi-party system refers to the political party system in which more than two parties are allowed to legally operate in the state. These parties compete with each other to gain political power in order to implement the content of their own manifestos.

It is democratic
One of the principles of democracy is that the people must be given the opportunity to freely associate with any group they want to. A multi-party system affords that opportunity to the citizenry to have as many choices as possible.

Ensures a peaceful change of power
Another advantage of a multi-party system is that it allows for a peaceful change of government. The existence of many parties means that there are other parties waiting for their turn to be voted into power. This way, such parties which are waiting in the fringes to form the next government would not to resort to other crude means of gaining political power.

Caters for the minority
Since there are so many parties that are formed in a multi-party system, the chances are that many parties would exist for electorates to choose from. For this reason, there are chances that every citizen’s political interest would be catered for.

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Allows for opposition
Another advantage of the operation of a multi-party system is that it allows opposition parties to exist. Under this system, once a party is voted into power, the rest become opposition parties with or without seats in parliament.

Permits mass political participation
The existence of many political parties allows for people to join the various parties and as they do so they engage in political activism, thereby allowing the scope of political participation to be enlarged.

Prevents tyranny
The operation of multi-party allows open and constructive criticism of the policies of the ruling government. This prevents the leaders of the ruling party from becoming despotic and lording themselves over the people.

1. Highlight six advantages of a multi-party system. [12 marks]

The disadvantages of a multi-party system

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