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The advantages of a two-party system

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Definition of Two-party system
A two-party system refers to the political party system in which two parties have equal chances of gaining the political power of the state. A two-party system could be de facto or de jure. If it is de facto, it means there are other political parties in existence but only two particular parties overshadow all the others. If it is de jure, then it means by law only two parties are allowed to operate in the country.

There is political stability
One of the advantages of a two-party system is that it is able to ensure political stability. In this system, if one party wins the election, the other automatically goes into a recognized opposition. This way is has equal chances of coming into government. This ensures that the political system becomes stable.

Allows for choice
The two-party system ensures that the electorates have an alternative to choose from. There is an option to choose to belong to one party or the other.

Allows for change of government
In a two-party system, there is an opportunity to go for an election, at least, every four years. This ensures that if the citizens are not satisfied with the performance of the government of the day, they can change it come the next election.

Creates a check on government
The two-party system, which allows for an official opposition to exist, ensures that the government of the day is kept under constant watch. This ensures that the current government may not get involved in corrupt practices or implement policies that do not inure to the benefit of the people.

Leaders are accountable to the people
The need for periodic election compels governments to be accountable to the electorates. There is the fear that if a government does not act in ways that bring development in the lives of the voters or improve the lives of the voters, they can be voted out of power.

Not dictatorial
Finally, the proponents of two-party system argue that the government of the day is less prone to dictatorships. This is so because a two-party system allows for some of checks and balances, therefore the government is kept in check.

1. a. What is a two-party system? [2 marks]
    b. highlight five advantages of a two-party system. [10 marks]

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