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The importance of Political Opposition

Definition of political opposition
A political opposition can be defined as the party or group of parties that are not in possession of political power. In another sense, it is the largest party or group of parties after the ruling party. An example of an opposition party is the New Patriotic Party in Ghana.

Buffer against tyranny
An opposition engages in constructive criticism of the government. This keeps the government of the day on its toes, holding it accountable for all their action and inaction. By so doing, the government cannot become dictatorial.

Supports interest of minority
Another importance of a political opposition is the role it plays in the protection of people in the minority. This is done through its criticism of government policies that infringe on the rights of the minority.

Serve as government in waiting
Another importance of a political opposition is that being the second largest party, it has the potentials of coming into government. In every democracy, elections are held every four or five years. If the people reject the ruling government, the party available is the opposition.

Ensures smooth change of power
Political oppositions also make sure that there is a smooth transfer of political power. This is so because it discourages the resort to unorthodox methods to capture power. Each party knows that one day it is possible for it to come to power.

Can support government
The political opposition also is able to support the ruling government, if it chooses to, its quest to develop the country. It is able to cooperate in some cases, with the ruling government to implement some importance national policies.

Watchdog role
The opposition party is important as it is the party that scrutinizes the work of the ruling government to ensure that it acts within the ambit of the constitution. The opposition party could also take the government to court if the constitution or aspects of it is violated.

1. Highlight five ways in which a political opposition party is important to a nation. [15 marks]

2. a. What is a political opposition? [3 marks]
    b. Advance four reasons why political opposition is important. [12 marks]

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