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The negative effects of the chieftaincy institution in Ghana

Dixcove, Ghana, Africa, West Africa

One of the negative effects of the chieftaincy institution is its penchant to create disunity among the people. Sometimes, there are disputing contestants to the seat who jostle for selection and appointment. These disputes create disunity. Chieftaincy disputes, sometimes degenerate into a full-blown war. An example of this is the Dagbon crises in Ghana some years ago.

Retards development
From the point earlier noted, one can see that where there is disunity, it is difficult to use local resources for the development of the community. Again we can argue that another negative effect of chieftaincy in Ghana is that it slows down the development of the particular community.

Succession problems
In many cases, there are no procedures governing succession to a stool or skin. This often allows many rival claimants to a stool or skin to emerge as heirs to the same stool or skin. The result is protracted chieftaincy disputes, some of which last a lifetime.

Can retard development
Where rival claims to the stool degenerate into conflicts or protracted disputes, the peace is breached, the harmony and stability of the community is disturbed. Rival claims to the stool can also hamper the development of the community.

The institution is undemocratic
It is also a negative effect of chieftaincy for only the royal family to rule forever. This is undemocratic. One of the tenets of democracy postulate that the people must have a say in whoever rules over them but the people do not have the opportunity to elect the chiefs so that makes it undemocratic. 

Lack of literacy and numeracy
Another negative effect of the chieftaincy is that since some of the chiefs are not educated, it is difficult for them to give the required leadership in matters relating to modern health, education, sanitation and other basic services. It is also argued that in this day and age of technological advancement, an uneducated chief can be a disservice to the community he rules.
1. Explain five negative effects of chieftaincy on the Ghanaian society.

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