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The significance of the chieftaincy institution in Ghana

Dixcove, Ghana, Africa, West Africa

This is the traditional system of government that exists in the localities other than the modern governance systems. The Chieftaincy Institutions are headed by traditional rulers who are appointed and installed by the kingmakers.

The peaceful transfer of power
The procedures for the election of new chiefs are laid down by tradition and are supposed to be followed in the installation of new chiefs. This is significant because it ensures that there is no struggle among contesting parties for any vacant position of a chief. it can, therefore, be argued that the chieftaincy institution provides a smooth transfer of power.

Brings Unity
The Chieftaincy institution serves as a unifying force. In other words, the chieftaincy institution brings the people together. The people get involved in the activities of enstooling or enskining. They also celebrate the together and partake in some of the rites of installing chiefs. This ensures that unity prevails in the community.

Preservation of culture
The chieftaincy institution helps to preserve the culture of the people. There are procedures in the choice, selection, and installation of chiefs under the traditional setting. All these procedures are accompanied by some form of rituals, music, and dance. As long as these practices engaged in, it helps to preserve the culture of the people.

Promotes Stability and development
The Chieftaincy institution helps to promote peace in society. It also ensures stability and development in society. As long as there is stability in society, development is ensured.

Social control mechanism
Chieftaincy is useful as a social control mechanism. The chiefs are traditionally given powers and authority to control their people. They are therefore accorded the respect the office deserves. Those who flout the rules are hauled before the chief for trial and punishment people are forced to comport themselves.

1. Explain five ways in which chieftaincy is important in the Ghanaian society.

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