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How to build good gender relations

What is a good gender relation?
Good gender relations refers to the mutual respect that must exist between men and women or boys and girls. It also refers to the giving of equal opportunity to both men and women.

Equal opportunity
To build good gender relations, the men and the women or the boys and girls must be given equal opportunities to develop their talents. The system must not discriminate against either the boy or girl, they must both be given equal opportunity.

Discourage male chauvinism
Another way of building good gender relations is to discourage the exercise of male dominance. The men and the women should be recognized equally, any time they come together. The boys must not be brought up to look down upon the girls. When this is done, it would help to build good gender relations between the boys and the girls.

Consulting women
In some societies women are not regarded as people who can reason and therefore, not important in times of taking crucial decisions. To build good gender relationship, women, and girls should be consulted when major decisions are going to be taken, especially where the matter concerns them.

Prejudices must be avoided
In the past, women were seen to be largely less intelligent than their male counterparts but recent history shows that this is not the case. Many women have been found to be just as intelligent as men. The people must, therefore, be informed that it is never true that men are more intelligent than women.

Avoidance of physical assaults
Adult men in the society must avoid physically abusing their female counterparts, most especially, wives and sisters. When this is done, the boys would learn from them so that they can avoid physical abusing the girls. 

Learning from adults
Another way of learning to build good gender relations is to learn from parents, husbands and the wives or other senior members of the society. Such people must relate well both inside and outside the home so that the younger ones can learn from them. This would largely eliminate the tendency to quarrel and help exhibit mutual respect for one another.

1. a. What is gender relationship?
    b. In which five ways can a good gender relation be built?
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