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The importance of Adolescent Reproductive Health Education

Physiological developments
At the puberty stage, the males develop larger male reproductive organ while the females become fat in the thigh and buttocks. Reproductive health education helps them to understand these physiological changes and therefore are better able to manage them.

Enhances coping mechanisms in the adolescent
When the child reaches adolescence, there are strong sexual feelings. This culminates into strong desires to have sex with the opposite sex. Reproductive health education helps the adolescent to cope with such emotional problems.

Maintenance of personal hygiene
Adolescent health education also helps the adolescent to maintain personal hygiene. It teaches them to take good care of their body and appear neat at all times.

Protection from teenage pregnancy
Reproductive health education informs the adolescent about the dangers of premarital sex so as to be able to avoid such dangers and or play safe. Especially, it protects the adolescent girl from teenage pregnancy and its related problems, including but not limited to abortion, maternal mortality and so on.

Prevention of Sexually transmitted disease
Adolescent health education helps to prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS. This is because the knowledge that is acquired from this education helps the adolescent to avoid the dangers associated with premarital sex. 

Care of intimate parts
There are existing fears about cancers of various kinds, especially concerning girls. Adolescent health education provides adolescents with information about how to care for the breast and other intimate parts of their body. 

1. a. What is adolescent reproductive health education?
    b. In which five ways is adolescent health education important.

2. Highlight six ways in which adolescent reproductive health is important.

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