Virtual Kollage: The causes of irresponsible adolescent behaviour

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The causes of irresponsible adolescent behaviour

Absence of good parental control and care
One of the causes of irresponsible adolescent is the lack of good parental control. Some parents are not able to have a full control over their children. They are therefore not able to give the children any good direction in life.

Influence by peer group.
Another cause of irresponsible adolescent behaviour is the influence of peers. Some adolescents are very good at copying what their friends do. They smoke because their friends smoke. They drink because their friends drink. They do things only because their friends are also doing it. This attitude of being copy cats lures them into irresponsible adolescent behavoiur.

Mass Media
A major cause of irresponsible adolescent behaviour is the mass media. This includes, but not limited to, television, radio and the internet. The content of these mediums of mass media may not be good for the consumption of the teenagers. Aspects of these mass media outlets exhibit violence, prostitution, drug abuse, fighting, killing that negatively influence the young boys and girls.

Lack of guidance and counseling
Another cause is that there is nobody to give the adolescents good counsel. The adolescents are left with nobody to guide them. The behaviour they put up is the kind that they think is fit. In the absence of counsel or someone to give meaning and direction to their lives, they tend to become irresponsibly.

Poor socialization
Another cause is the way the adolescents are poorly socialized. A child that is not properly socialized may become rude and disrespectful. Poorly socialized children tend not to like to come under the control of authority.

Lack of education
If the adolescent are privy to the consequences of their deviant behaviours, they would never engage in them. The lack of education about the outcome of the things they do, leads them to engage in them. 

1. Discuss five causes of irresponsible adolescent bahaviour.

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