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How a society can help to change a person's personality

The society provides the opportunity for an individual to identify his/her capabilities and potentials and to develop them. It allows them to set realistic goals for their lives and to ensure that such goals are achieved.

Ways in which individuals develop their capabilities
There are several ways in which a society can help an individual to develop his capabilities and potentials, and help him/her to achieve those goals

Conducive home environment
The society helps the individual to shape his/her personality by providing him/her with a conducive environment. For example, parents, siblings and other members of the family are able to create cordial environment, in the form of love, sympathy, understanding and tolerance, for the individual to express his/her views and also take part in decision making.

Encouragement from society
The society helps the individual to develop by encouraging them in many ways. The church, the mosque, local associations and the traditional people with their elders, teach the individual good morally well behaved. They teach him or her, the fear of God, love for others, forgiveness, respect, good social skills, etc.

Guidance and counseling
The society guides the individual through pieces of advice and the giving of suggestions. This way, the individual is able to devote his time, resources and energy only on things that are useful. This is able to make the individual develop a sound, realistic and positive qualities.                

Education of the individual
As the individual observes and takes part in activities going on in his locality, informal education takes place where he/she unconsciously learns from those activities. Apart from the informal education, learning the various subjects in school and taking part in extra-curricular activities helps the individual to consciously acquire values and attitudes that help the individual to become honest, committed and disciplined.

Creation of a conducive environment by the state
The state is able to provide the individual with a harmonious environment to develop his/her personality. This is done through the provision of schools for education, hospitals for the provision of healthcare and the law courts where individuals can seek redress.

Adults as role models
Society is full of good mothers, fathers, teachers, etc, who serve as role models for individuals. The individuals are able to learn such positive traits like tolerance, honesty, kindness, concern for others. The practice of these traits helps the individual to shape his personality. 

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