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Hosea's marital life and God's love for Israel

God told Hosea to marry a harlot and have children with her because the land of Israel had committed harlotry by worshipping other gods. Hosea went to marry Gomah, the daughter of Diblaim.

Gomer gave birth to a son and God asked Hosea to name the child, Jezreel, meaning God would punish the house of Jehu for the blood of Jezreel. 

Gomer bore a second child, a daughter this time. God told Hosea to call the child ‘Not pitied’ meaning God would no longer have pity on Israel. God said he would not forgive Israel. 

Finally, Gomer had another son. God told Hosea to name the child ‘Not my people’, meaning God had rejected Israel from being His people and that He was no longer their God.

In the early days of their marriage, there was a lot of love between the couple but later, Gomer became unfaithful. She started going after other men, defiling the marriage. Consequently, Hosea sent her away, he divorced her. 

Gomer went through many difficulties as a divorcee. She became aimless; she looked for her lovers but never saw them. Finally, she became a slave.

Many years later, God told Hosea to go and bring Gomer back to the marital home. So Hosea went to purchase Gomer from her slavery. He bought her for 15 shekels of silver, a homer and a lethech of bailey. He told her to come back home and stop the harlotry and not to belong to another man anymore. Hosea also promised to be faithful to her.

The story of Hosea and his marriage to Gomer was similar to the relationship between God and Israel. Yahweh had chosen Israel as a special race to be his people and he became their God. 

Initially, their relationship was very good until Israel started to go after gods just Gomer did. For her behaviour, God refused to continue to be their God and rejected them from being his people. God left Israel to be carried into slavery and they suffered all kinds of indignities in the hands of their masters. 

However, because the love God had for Israel, he went back to bring them back to himself. He restored them to their former position.

1. In spite of Israel’s unfaithfulness, God still remained faithful.

2. God also promised future glory and the unity of Israel and Judah.

3. He also provided their needs in spite of disappointment.

1. a. Describe Hosea’s marital experience
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