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The methods used to safeguard the rights and liberties of citizens

Constitutional Safeguards
One way to safeguard the rights and liberties of the citizen is to entrench the relevant clauses in the constitution. An entrenched clause is difficult to change so the right of the citizen is constantly protected.

Free Press
A free and independent press can also help to safeguard the rights of citizens in a state. This happens because the newspapers serve as a mouth piece to voice out any abuses of the rights of citizens. With their existence also, officials fear being exposed if they took certain actions. Thus the rights of the citizen are protected.

An Ombudsman
The duty of this outfit is to investigate abuses of human rights and liberties of citizens by appointees of the government and to find a means of resolving them. The office of the Ombudsman is sometimes designated the Parliamentary Commissioner or Commissioner on Human Rights and Administrative Justice. Their main duty is to investigate abuses of human rights and liberties to be able it to offer redress.

An Independent Judiciary
There must exist, an independent judiciary to adjudicate disputes that may arise among citizens and between citizens and their governments or government officials. The disputes must be settled by an impartial court. Such impartiality of the judiciary serves to protect the liberties of the citizens.

An efficient law Enforcement agency
Another way of protecting the rights of citizens is to ensure the existence of and efficient police organization which can protect the rights of the citizens and make sure those rights are enjoyed to the full by the citizens. An efficient Police Force ensures the maintenance of law and order and once there is law and order, it is easy to for every citizen to enjoy his or her rights.

Doctrine of Checks and Balances
Under this doctrine the three arms of government, the legislature, executive and the judiciary check each other in the performance of their duties. These checks and balances inure to the benefit of citizens because it serves as a means by which the rights of the individual are protected.

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