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The definition and types of rights

Political rights
The citizens of a country have the right to be involved in the political activities of their country. The right to do this is called a political right. It includes the right to vote and be voted for, the right to join a political party of his or her choice.

Fundamental human rights
Another type of right is called fundamental human rights. These types of rights are basic to the life of individuals. Examples include the right to privacy and the right to life. It also includes the freedom to openly express oneself, to associate and assembly, the right to free movement, and so on.

Economic rights
This type of right refers to the right to employment. The right to engage in honest business.  It also includes the right to own and dispose of properties.

Social rights
This is the right to access the social amenities that are provided by the governments of one’s country. These amenities include electricity, markets, schools, roads, hospitals, pipe-borne water, and many others.

Legal rights
Another right a citizen is entitled to, is a legal right. This consists of the right to sue and be sued, the right to tried before a court that is duly constituted, right to a fair trial in court. It is also the right of a citizen to be protected under the laws of the state.

Civil rights
Civil rights is another type of rights. these include freedom of speech, equality before the law, the right to vote, among others.

1. a. What is citizenship?
    b. explain five types of rights of a citizen.

2. Highlight six types of rights enjoyed by citizens of a state.

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