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Why the rights and liberties of citizens can be curtailed

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A threat to public health
The outbreak of any communicable disease can lead to the confinement of the sufferers of such diseases. A person showing signs of 'Ebola' has to be quarantined and observed in order to contain the spread of the disease. This confinement is a violation of the person’s right to free movement but under certain circumstances, these rights need to be restricted.

Times of Emergency
When war breaks out in a country or natural disaster occurs, the state apparatus may break down including law and order. To manage the situation, a government may have to adopt measures, including the declaration of a state of emergency, that may curtail the rights of the individual.

Mental disability
Mental disability can also serve as a ground on which someone's right can be curtailed. People who have mental challenges may have to be confined to mental facilities for their own safety. This action, though a breach of the person’s right to movement, is to benefit the mental patient and to keep the streets free of such people.

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When one breaks the law
The liberty of a person can be curtailed when that person breaks the law and is arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction. When the culprit is found guilty, he/she may be sentenced to a jail term and sent to prison. In that case, his right to free movement has been curtailed.

Security of the state
In the event of a state being invaded and attacked by another state, certain steps have to be taken to weather the storm. A state of emergency may have to be declared to manage the situation. Under such circumstances, some rights may be curtailed.

Though the citizens have the right to free speech, they cannot just say things about people that they cannot substantiate. To protect people from suffering injuries from the words of other people, there are laws of libel which restricts what people say. This curtails the rights of the people to free speech
1. Highlight six limitations of individual rights and liberty.

2. a. What is right?
    b. In which five ways can the rights and liberties of a citizen be limited.

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