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The features of a Republican system of Government

The republican system of government is that system in which the sovereignty of the state resides in the people. It can be described as a system in which people elect officials to represent them and take political decisions on their behalf. In this system, the Head of State is elected. Examples republican countries are the United States, France and Ghana.

Sovereignty in the hands of the people
The power of a republican government emanates from the people. The people elect the government through a general election. The government of the day generally exists for the benefit of the people. The people are dissatisfied with the performance of the government, they can remove or replace the during the next general elections. Sovereignty therefore lies in the hands of the people.

Fixed Term of Office
In a republican system of government, the constitution prescribes a fixed term of office for the president, usually, four years, but in some cases five or even seven years. The mandate of the president can be renewed only once, after which the president can no longer be constitutionally be elected. Another person must offer him or herself to be elected.

Periodic Elections
In a republic system of government, elections are conducted periodically and all political positions are contested for by individuals. For example Ghana and the United States, among other republican countries organize general elections every four years.

Universal Adult Suffrage
In a republican system of government, elections are held on the basis of universal adult suffrage. This means all qualified adult voters are allowed to cast their ballots.

Supremacy of the Constitution
In a republican system of government, the constitution is the supreme law of the land. Any other law found to be inconsistent with any provision of the constitution can be challenged in the court of law. If proven, such law is declared null and void.

Rule of Law
A republican government practices the rule of law is upheld. In other words, a republican government respects all the tenets of the Rule of Law which include supremacy of the law, equality before the law and the principle of liberty.

Fundamental Human Rights
In a republican system, the fundamental human rights of all citizens are guaranteed under a constitution. The clauses that talk about these fundamental rights are also mostly entrenched in the constitution so that it could prevent the government of the day from tampering with it.

1. a. What is a republican system of government? [2 marks]
    b. Explain five features of a republican system of government. [10 marks]

2. Highlight six features of a republican system of government. [12 marks]

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