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Learn how to make a maximum use of this website

Introduction is aimed at students at the secondary school level who are preparing for their West African Examination Council (W.A.E.C.) examinations. 

We have realized that most students are becoming internet savvy and are always with their computer or phone, surfing the internet. Parents think, as a result, they spend less time on their studies than they should. This website hopes to bring all the study materials to the fingertips of students so that at any moment, they can make a quick reference or revision in between doing other stuff.

The website is mobile friendly so the study materials can be accessed anytime and anywhere. In fact, it follows the students wherever they go.

The study materials are discussed based on the West African Examination Council (W.A.E.C) syllabi and the style of questions set in the final examinations. The sample questions help the students to become familiar with the nature of the questions asked in the final examinations.

Eventually, all the subjects in which students are examined by the West African Examination's Council will be featured, but for now, we have subjects like History, Government, Business Management, Christian Religious Studies, Social Studies, Economics, Accounting, Integrated Science, etc,. 

On the home page, you would see the "list of subjects" in the top menu. This takes you to the list of subjects available at that material time.

At the bottom of each page, you are given the option to go back to the home page, the list of subjects’ page or the list of topics within a particular subject. This makes navigation easier for all visitors.

You can search for any topic using the search button. This makes it easier to reach subjects and topics of choice faster. Type the topic and once it is available, your search will make a hit.

The primary language of the website is English but any visitor can change the language to a preferred one. This is to make the site available in as many languages as possible.

You can subscribe to the site so that whenever a post is made, you would be notified.

You can share any interesting article with family and friends. You have an option of sharing through Facebook, Google+, email, Pinterest,  or Twitter.

The website is still developing so as time goes on, other features would be added to give readers a memorable experience.

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