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The advantages and disadvantages of a Republican system of Government

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The republican system of government is that system in which the sovereignty of the state resides in the people who exercise their franchise to elect officials to represent them and act on their behalf. Examples of countries that practice the Republican system of government include The United States, France, and Ghana.

It is Constitutional
This means that everything that is done within the state, is done according to the tenets of the constitution. No official of state can violate the rights of the citizen of the state, for example.

It is representative
In a Republican system, office holders are elected directly by the people themselves. They, therefore, represent their constituencies and are expected to take decisions that inure to the benefit of the people they represent.

It is democratic
In a republican system, people do not just come into the possession of political authority. Political authority is conferred on them through an election. Any form of government in which the rulers have to be elected into office in a general election is deemed to be democratic.

Power in the hands of the people
In a Republic, ultimate power resides with the people. However, the people, from time to time, relinquish that power to a group of people they call leaders, to exercise on their behalf for a specific number of years. At the end of that period, the people decide whether such a group of people should be given the power again or another group of leaders should take over.

The leader is not imposed
The Head of State in a republic is not imposed upon the people. The electorates do not wake up one day and realize that a new person is their leader without their say so. The people are responsible for putting a leader there or effecting a change of leadership all by themselves in a general election.

Law and order
Representatives are directly elected to represent the constituents in Parliament. These representatives make laws to govern the land. There are also elected officials who form the executive arm of the government. Such officials enforce the laws that are passed by the Parliamentarians. So there is law and order.

Citizens are protected
With law and order operating in the republican system, the rights, and liberties of the citizens are protected. In fact, the laws are specifically designed to achieve the protection of individuals living within the borders of the state.

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Expensive to operate
In a republican system, all the people cannot directly rule the country as in the early days of democracy. Some people must of necessity be elected to rule on behalf of the others. Elections are therefore a means by which can be expensive ventures that require a lot of resources. This is especially so in poorer countries of the world where republicanism operates.

It is time-consuming
Laws made in Parliament, must pass through certain laid down processes without which it could not become law. The executive cannot formulate and start to implement policies that are inimical to the welfare of the people. Conforming to the dictates of the constitution can, therefore, be time-consuming.

It can be contentious
In a Republic, there are many political parties contending for the control of the higher echelons of political power. This can sometimes degenerate into serious contentions where they jostle each other to gain political advantage.

Some politicians have parochial interests
Though some politicians contest elections pretending they were representing their constituencies, in the real sense, they are only representing their own personal interest and neglect the interests of the people who elected them into office.

Tendency to be deceitful
In Africa where the level of education is generally low, the politicians may deceive the mass of the people with sugar-coated words just to win power. The people are not able to analyze the real situation on the ground and come to their own personal conclusions.

Politicians may be manipulated
The arms of some politicians can be twisted by some powerful people behind the scene. Having been so manipulated, the politicians no longer serve the interests of the people that elected them but rather the interest of those powerful interest groups.

1. a. What a republican system of government? [2 marks]
    b. Explain five advantages of a republican system of government. [10 marks]

2. a What is a republican system of government? [2 marks]
    b. Explain five disadvantages of a republican system of government. [10 marks]

3. Highlight six advantages of a republican system of government. [12 marks]

4. Highlight six disadvantages of a republican system of government. [12 marks]

5. Highlight three advantages and three disadvantages of a republican system of government. [12 marks]

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