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Why African countries find it difficult to practice the Parliamentary system of Govenrment

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It is a colonial Relic
When African countries became independent, they inherited the parliamentary system of government that was being practiced by their colonial masters. In their bid to get rid of many of the things which they considered as relics of colonialism, they soon got rid of the Parliamentary system and opted for the presidential system of government.

Foreign to Africa
It has been argued that the African traditional political system does not give room for an official opposition. Nobody is allowed to openly criticize the Chief. Issues are discussed until a consensus is arrived at. The presence of an official opposition which characterizes the parliamentary system of government is therefore alien to Africa.

Desire to stay in power for too long
African leaders are just interested in clinging on to power without any challenge from anybody. The Parliamentary system, with its official opposition, cannot give them such a room to operate. It is one reason why they threw away the Parliamentary system and embraced the presidential system.

Intolerance of Opposition
African leaders are just intolerant of the existence of political opposition. The parliamentary system allows for an official opposition and African leaders were not comfortable with it. It is another reason why they find it difficult to practice the parliamentary system of government.

Unnecessary Criticism
The presence of official opposition sometimes leads to unbridled criticism of each other. As a result, the parliamentary system often degenerates into petty political power struggles between the ruling party and the opposition.

Expensive nature of the system
The Parliamentary system is comparatively more expensive to run than the presidential system. This is because the resources to support the office of Head of Government which could have been put to another use are unnecessarily wasted.

1. a. What a parliamentary system of government? [2 marks]
    b. Give five reasons why African countries find it difficult to practice.

2. Highlight six reasons why African countries are reluctant to practice the cabinet system of government. [12 marks]

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