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The duties and obligations of a citizen

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Definition of Duties
Duties refer to civic responsibilities or obligations which citizens are obliged, by law, to undertake for the state. These duties are performed in exchange for the protection the state provides.

Pays taxes
One of the main duties of a citizen is to pay his or taxes to the state. Taxes are used in the development of a country, therefore if the citizens do not pay their taxes, it would be difficult for the state to stand on her feet.

Protection of public property
It is the duty of every citizen to protect the property of the state. So much money is spent by governments to create state properties so if the citizens do not take care of the properties, then the government would have spent the money in vain.

Obeys the laws of the state
Law and order is a prerequisite of every society. To ensure that there are laws and order therefore, every citizen must obey the laws of the land.

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Defense of the state
A citizen must be ready to take up arms in a lawful way to defend his country when it is attacked from outside or where there is an internal insurrection to destabilize the state. This can be done by allowing oneself to be conscripted into  the army and be sent to the war front.

Participate in the political process
It is the duty of every citizen to participate in the political process of the state. The citizen must vote and also stand to be voted for. He must join a political party and be active in the bid to choose a leader for the state. He is required to partake in all aspects of the political process.

Helps to prevent crime
In order to maintain law and order, citizens are required to assist the police to apprehend criminals. For example, if a citizen witnesses a crime, he or she is obliged by law to report and even assist the police in their investigations to solve the crime. A citizen must even be willing to testify in court to help convict criminals or to free innocent people.

1. a. What is duty?
    b. Highlight five duties of a citizen.
2. Examine six duties that a citizen is required by the state to perform.

3 What six duties do citizens perform in a state?


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