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The advantages of the Unitary system of Government

A unitary system of government can be defined as that system of government in which the powers of government are concentrated in a central government and that there are no other levels of government except it derived from the centre. 

Suitable for geographically smaller countries
The unitary system is good for countries that are geographically smaller in size. This is because it is relatively easier to administer than if the country was much larger.

National Unity
In a unitary state, the citizens do not owe any allegiance to any authority other than the authority of the only central government. Since they all look up to only one government, the system promotes national unity.

Promotion of internal stability
The unitary system is more likely to engender harmony among the various ethnic groups in the country. This high degree of harmony tends to promote internal stability and national cohesion.

Less expensive
There are no other levels of government that need to be funded by the state. The administration is concentrated at the centre. There is only one Ministry responsible for a particular issue, for example, one ministry of Local Government which has branches in the various regions and districts into which the country is administratively divided. This helps to save human and material resources.

Uniform economic development
The central government is directly responsible for the entire development of the country. For that matter, the arms of government reach every part of the country in the even distribution of development projects. So development is evenly distributed.

Quick decision-making
The unitary system allows for quick decision-making. This is so because the central government does not have to consult any other level of authority before it arrives at its final decision to undertake or not to.

1. a. What a unitary system of government?
    b. Highlight five advantages of a unitary system of government.
2. Discuss six advantages of a unitary system of government.

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