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Who is a citizen and how is citizenship acquired?

A citizen is a person who has all the legal rights to live in a country and enjoy all the benefits that are accorded the citizens of that country.  The citizen, in return, must fulfill certain basic obligations to the state.

A person is born in a particular country, he/she becomes a citizen of that country whether the parents come from that country or not. This works very well in the United States. There is an automatic United States citizenship conferred on anybody born within the borders of the United States of America.

This happens when the depending on the citizenship of his parents and ancestors. In other words, when the parents of a person is citizen of a country, whether he /she is born in that country or not, that person can still claim the citizenship of that country just because his ancestors come from that country. For example, if one is born in the United States of America to Nigerian parents, that person, though an American by birth, can still claim Nigerian citizenship by descent.

In this instance, a person who is not originally a citizen of a country could formally apply, mostly to the Immigration Services Department or similar authorities of a country to be granted the citizen of that country if he or she meets the entire legal requirement.

Marriage and registration
A man or a woman who is married and live in the spouse’s country can apply for the citizenship of the country in which they are resident. This is the case in many countries.  The non-citizen spouse may apply to the relevant authorities of the country of residence to become a citizen. Once the necessary requirements are met, citizenship is granted.

Honorary gesture
In recognition of the contributions of an individual to the development of a country, an honorary citizenship could be conferred on an individual by the host country.

An abandoned but found minor can become the citizen of the country in which he or she was found. this can only happen if the parents of the found minor cannot be traced.

1. a. Who is a citizen?
    b. Highlight five ways in which a person can become a citizen of a country?

2. Highlight six methods by which an individual can become a citizen of a country.

3. What five factors qualify an individual as a citizen of a state?

4. a. Who is a citizen of a country?

    b. Highlight five means by which citizenship can be acquired.

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