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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using seine nets?




The use of seine nets in the fishing industry is an age-old practice that has been with the human race for centuries. Today, it is not uncommon to see seine nets being used in the industry. A seine net is a type of fishing net that is vertically hanged in the water. In order to keep it floating, weights are attached to the bottom edges. It is the type of fishing gear mostly used in shallow waters to capture fish. Seine nets can be used in rivers, oceans and at the shorelines of lakes. This is how the seine net is employed; Two groups of people, holding either side of the net, pull the net in a circular motion. The aim is to encircle the fish. Once the net is encircled, it is drawn to the shore. It is here that the catch is collected. The net is then drawn to the shore, where the catch can be collected. In this article, we will discuss the merits and demerits of the use of seine nets in the fishing industry.


It is effective and able to quickly catch large quantities of fish                                                    

One of the reasons why players in the fishing industry prefer the use of seine nets is that it is a very effective method of fishing. They are specifically designed and due to their large sizes, they are able to catch large quantities of fish in a very short time. Seine net is common in the commercial fishing industry, because they need to feed a large market demand and also ensure they make enough they cover their cost of operation and make enough profit.  

Allows for selective fishing                                                                                                                    

The use of seine nets is again advantageous because is easy to target particular species of fish. This is mainly because of the way the net is shaped and designed. The mesh size of the net can be adjusted to target fish of a particular species and size. This is good for the purposes of conservation and management of the fish resources in the waters. The fishermen are able to focus on the types of fish that are in abundance. So, for example, if they recognize that a particular type of fish seemed to have been overfished, they avoid them and concentrate on those that are common at the time. The use of seine nets helps to conserve endangered fish species.

Seine net is relatively cheap 

Another merit of the use of seine net is that it is that, compared to other types, seine nets are not that expensive. What this means is that, the fisherfolks who operate on a small-scale are able to afford it, especially, if they do not have enough money to buy those that are more expensive.

Seine net is versatile                                                                                                                   

There is a level flexibility in the use of seine nets that adds more advantages to their use. For example, it can be used in a variety of locations. It can be used in shallow waters, as well as, in deep waters. Therefore, with seine nets, fishing can be done in different locations.

It is environmentally friendly                                                                                                   

The use of seine nets is environmentally friendly. This is mainly because no chemicals or explosives are employed in their operation. The advantage here is that, no chemical or explosive pollutants are introduced into the environment or especially into the water that may damage the fish habitat.

It reduces bycatch  

Another advantage of using seine net is that there is reduced bycatch. A bycatch refers to the situation where fishermen catch fish that they did not intend to catch and there have to return them into the water. This is because, seine netting is able to target specific species.


May be difficult to operate operate                                                                                            

Seine nets may be difficult to use. A lot of skills and experience is required for one to be able to operate them. If the fisherman using the seine nets is not very experienced, he may not be able to effectively use it. This can lower drastically, the amount of catch at the end of the day.

May cause destruction to the environment                                                                                 

The use of seine nets has another disadvantage, that is, they can be damaging to the environment in which they are used. For one thing, seine nets get caught up in coral reefs. When this happens, they destroy the coral reefs. They are also capable to destroying habitats under the water. They endanger the lives of sea turtles by entangling them in their mesh. This sometimes results in the death of the turtles. Dolphins, and other marine lives are not spared the plight experienced by the sea turtle. Again, seine nets can spread alien invasive species in water bodies, and this has negative consequences on the underwater ecosystems.

Seine nets can catch non-target species                                                                                   

One of the disadvantages of using seine net is that it can catch some other species that were not originally target before the fishing expedition. The consequence of this occurrence is that, some fish species may be overfished as a result of its wide spread use and that cause those species to be depleted from their habitat. which can lead to overfishing and depletion of certain fish stocks.

It can be difficult to use in deep waters

Another disadvantage of using seine nets is that, they are typically cumbersome to use in deep waters. The net is designed in such a way that, they can only be lowered up to a certain of the water. This is a limitation to how deep the fisherman can reach in his quest to catch fish. Because of this limitation, the seine net not able to get to ranges of fish habitat that are beyond the reach of the net.

Can cause damage to the sea floor                                                                                   

Again, seine net can cause damage to the sea floor, especially by those who use it on commercial basis. This happens when the net is dragged along. There is a considerable damage to marine life in the water body. Seine nets can especially destroy coral reefs, causing a lot of damage to the existing food chain. If the food chain is disturbed, it can result in the death of some marine species. Again, if the food chain is disturbed, it will affect the health of the ocean.

Seine nets can be difficult to monitor 

It is difficult to monitor the use of seine nets because of the size and complexity. There are difficulties in ensuring that they are sustainably used. This difficulty in monitoring may lead to overfishing. Overfishing would also lead to the depletion of some fish stocks.


The seine net has become an increasingly popular tool in the fisheries industry, due to its efficiency and affordability. Despite its many advantages, it is important to recognize the potential disadvantages that come with its use. Proper monitoring and regulation of seine nets is essential in order to ensure that they are being used sustainably and responsibly. By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of seine nets, we can better ensure that they are used in a way that benefits both the fishermen and the environment.

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