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The reasons why people join political parties, the last point will shock you.



Definition of a political party

A Political Party can be described as a group of people with the same aim and ideology whose main goal is to capture political power in order to have the opportunity to implement the contents of their manifesto. Manifestoes contain policies and programs the party believes, if implemented, can improve the wellbeing of the citizens of the country.

If this is what it is, why do individuals desire to become members of political parties? What is their motivation? Some of the reasons are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Reasons why people join political parties

Support ideological beliefs

One of the reasons why people join political parties is that it will help support their ideological leanings. Political parties are formed with socialist ideologies, for example, the Labour Party (UK), the Socialist Party (France), Democratic Socialists of America (USA), German Social Democratic Party (Germany), Communist Party of China (China). Others are capitalist ideologies like the Republican Party (United States), the Conservative Party (United Kingdom), and the Christian Democratic Union (Germany). There are several other ideologies upon which political parties are based. Once the party is made up of like-minded people, it can help the individual to advance his ideological beliefs.

A platform to advocate for their views

Another reason why people join political parties is that it gives them a chance to advocate their views on various local, regional, national and international issues. Political parties are structured in such a way that members are able to attend meetings, volunteer to serve on various committees. Political rallies are associated with political parties and party members are allowed to attend rallies and other party events where members speak out for their views to be heard. Within the party, people are able to build relationships.  There are opportunities to attend Town Hall meetings and other events. A political party therefore gives members the avenue to advocate their views on different issues, whether political, social, economic, etc.

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Take part in the decision-making process

Also, people join political parties so as to be able to have a voice in the decision-making process. When they join a political party or a local organization that is linked to a political party, they have access to attend party meetings and events. At such meetings, people become familiar with party policies. In the current global village where distance is not a barrier, members are able to participate at forums and online discussions. Members could even write letters, or position papers on topical issues and send the same to the leadership of the parties. Ultimately, an individual could run for a position in the party. As a member of the inner caucus, they are able to contribute to the decision-making of the party and subsequently that of the government if the party wins power.

Increase influence within government

Again, people join political parties to enhance their influence within governmental circles. They get involved in party events, attend party meetings and may raise funds for the party. Some put their valuable skills at the disposal of the party. As long as your activities, commitment and dedication is noticed, you are very likely to be co-opted into a committee based on your skills. Party officials may even convince an active member with potentials to vie for an office or a parliamentary seat on the ticket of the party. All these make a way for the party members to start wielding influence on issues of importance to the party.

Ability to influence the formation of public policy

Some join political parties so that they can have a voice in the formulation of public policy. As a member of a political party, one is able to partake in discussions on pertinent issues. At town hall meetings, there is opportunity to voice out one’s opinions on a matter.  One can help the party to advocate for a policy that is dear to one. One can even sponsor a private members bill, talk to elected members of parliament so make your thoughts known. These activities can give one the needed voice in public policy formation.

To be able to create a network of like-minded people for the common good

For some members of political parties, their main aim is to network with people who have similar views like theirs. A network that can lead to the creation of favourable environments for the citizens or a large portion of them. Some build networks to advance their business empires or interests.

For personal again

Some join political parties in order to make their personal lives better. This may be more the case in developing countries, especially Africa. Many politicians have been seen rising from the level of paupers to very rich people overnight. People win big contracts because their party is in power. Some are appointed as board members or chairpersons of corporations, and this gives them the opportunity to be well placed to make money for themselves and for their families. Some party people deliberately amass wealth for many generations down the lane to come and enjoy.


In conclusion, one can say people join political parties for various reasons, some good and some not so good. Some join for reasons that benefit the larger society and others just join for their own parochial reasons.

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