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Functions and powers of the president under the 1960 Republican constitution of Ghana

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The 1960 Republican constitution, among other things, provided for the position of a president as the Head of State and Head of Government. He was elected by the National Assembly sitting as an electoral college. The constitution gave the president some functions and powers. A few of these are discusses below.

Head of the Executive
The president of the Republic was the Head of the Executive. The executive comprised not less than eight ministers selected by the president from the majority party in the National Assembly. The president had the power to appoint and to dismiss any member of the cabinet. The advice of the cabinet was not binding on the president and he could decide not to consult them in the exercise of his functions.

Give his assent to bills
Another function of the president was to assent to bills from the National Assembly before they could become law. The constitution provided that the president could veto a part or the whole bill, in other words, he had the power of selective veto over bills emanating from the National Assembly.

The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces
The president was the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces. The Constitution empowered him to commission men into the Ghana Armed Forces. He had the power to move troops of the armed forces of Ghana to defend the interests of Ghana or in cases of national emergencies. He had the power to dismiss any officer of the armed forces or just suspend him.

Appointment of members of the Public Service
The constitution granted powers to the president to appoint, promote, transfer, dismiss and terminate the appointment of the members of the Public Service. However, before he could do that, he had to follow certain laid down procedures in the constitution.
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Prerogative of mercy
The president was vested with the power of prerogative of mercy. Under this power, the president could pardon a convicted prisoner. He could also reduce any sentence that had been pronounced by the law courts on a convicted criminal. He could, for example, commit a death sentence imposed on a criminal to life in prison.

Proclamation of State of Emergency
The republican constitution granted the president the power to declare a state of emergency if he deemed it necessary in the interest of the state.

Power to grant loans
Article 35 of the Republican constitution granted powers to the president to enter into an agreement with any person or state under which he could grant a loan from the coffers of the state.

1. Highlight six functions and powers of the president under the 1960 Republican constitution of Ghana.

The features of the 1960 Republican constitution of Ghana

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