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How the appreciation of the concept of e-tourism can enhance the business of a travel agent or tour operator.

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E-tourism describes an area of tourism which is managed using extensive Information Communication Technology (ICT) and related technological applications. Through the use of ICT by tourists and tourism businesses, the process of benefiting from the value offered by tourism is moved away from manual to digital means. 

Put in another way when IT and e-commerce solutions are applied to help make tourism available by the owners of tourism businesses to those who want to benefit from it, we can then say e-tourism is being practiced.

In e-tourism, the value chain of tourism such as travel, hospitality, leisure and catering services are digitized so that they can either be assessed remotely or by internet means.

In a nut shell, e-tourism is a way by which the tourism industry is seeks to adapt to how the preferences and travel trends of tourists and potential customers of the tourist sector are changing. As people spend more time on their electronic and mobile devices, the tourist sector must change to suit the way people book their travel arrangements. 

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The Role of ICT in E-tourism
Information Communication Technology is very important in managing businesses. It helps businesses to expand into new markets. In addition, it empowers employees of the business to take initiative and also the business to lower its cost of operation. Aside these, it enhances the business’ capacity to reach its customers in a timely and convenient manner.

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Functions of E-tourism
The main functions of e-tourism are that it helps tourist businesses to market their products and services electronically, that is, by using internet tools. It also allows the tourism business to digitize its accounting and finance function, manage its human resource electronically through the use of human resource information systems, procure their supplies through electronic means and use digital tools in planning its long term business objectives.

Outcomes of E-tourism
E-tourism transforms tourism business by making sure the whole value chain and business process are tightly linked to the strategy of the business so that the business is able to cater for the concerns of its stakeholders.

E-tourism also ensures that the business takes advantage of the internet and intranet to reorganize its business transaction with business partners, customers and major business stakeholders.

E-tourism helps the tourism business to remain competitive both in the long and the short term.

1.a.Explain the concept of electronic tourism.
b. What three functions does e-tourism perform for a tour operator?
c. Explain three ways in which e-tourism can impact the business of tourism.

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