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How a secondary school course in forestry can prepare you to save your forests

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The world’s quest to sustain human life on earth for as long as possible has given rise to the buzz word, sustainability. The concept of sustainability is applied in all spheres of life, not least, forestry.

The world has seen a general decline in its forest cover over the years and this seems to be even worse in Africa. A DW television documentary, monitored by on 3rd August, 2018, indicates that Madagascar is left with only 10% of its original forest cover. In West Africa, Ghana alone, lost 33.70% of its forests cover between 1990 and 2010 and it is getting worse by the year. Forestry experts are cautioning that if this trend continues, Ghana’s forest shall be completely wiped out in the next 10-20 years. The situation is just as bleak in other West African countries including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Gambia. There are government interventions to turn the tide, but this has largely been inadequate. Reforestation efforts are not at par with the rate of forest depletion.

In order to maintain the quality of the environment, forests play a major role, which is why some say when the last tree dies then the last man also dies.

In the next few months, our articles shall focus on the creation of awareness about the importance of the forests to humanity. They will also encourage students to be inclined towards the conservation of the forests. We shall also cover some of the knowledge and skills in forestry, thereby laying a solid foundation for the young men and women at the secondary school level of the educational ladder who would love to venture into tertiary education in forestry.

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Our writings shall, as always, be based on the syllabus provided by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). The West African Examinations Council examines students who have gone through the three-year secondary school programme in English-speaking West Africa, currently comprising Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, the Gambia and Liberia.

It is the aim of WAEC that the syllabus on forestry shall encourage students, among other things, to appreciate the importance of forests to life, acquire the knowledge and skills in current forestry practices and understand the effects of population growth on forests. It is also envisaged that the candidates will become aware of the causes and effects of forest degradation, understand the regulations governing the use of the forests and forest resources. In addition to that, the candidates are expected to appreciate the functions of the forestry sector institutions in their respective countries, acquire basic skills in establishing and managing forest plantations and finally, appreciate the need for the conservation of forests.

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Though these articles are tailored for the consumption of students and candidates writing WAEC related examination on forestry, they are definitely relevant to the entire world. This is because matters concerning the forest are important for the globe, especially in view of the fact that the depletion of the forests has consequences for the survival of the human race.  

Our team of experts are busily writing on the various topics and would be published as and when they are ready. Meanwhile patrons should rest assured that would publish what is in the best interest of the students and seekers of general knowledge. This must be seen as the simple contribution intends to make towards a green environment and clean air in today’s societies.

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