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The meaning of managemnent and administration

Differentiating between management can be difficult and sometimes confusing. This is because even though management and administration seem similar, they bear very striking differences. While Administration describes a process of administering an organization. Management on the other hand is the act of making sure work is carried out through others. The main difference between is management and administration is that management is answerable to the administration.

Definition of Management
Management may be defined as the act of managing people and the work they do in the organization with the aim of achieving the organization’s goal by making use of the resources at the disposal of the organization. Management creates the environment in which both the manger and workers under him work together to achieve corporate objective. Managers are therefore use their skill in performing the function of planning, organizing, leading, motivating, controlling, and coordinating to achieve results within the organization.

Definition of Administration
The administration is a systematic process of administering the management of an organization, an educational institution like school or college, government office or any nonprofit organization. The main function of administration is the formation of plans, policies, and procedures, setting up of goals and objectives, enforcing rules and regulations, etc.

Administration lays down the fundamental framework of an organization, within which the management of the organization functions.

The nature of administration is bureaucratic. It is a broader term as it involves forecasting, planning, organizing and decision-making functions at the highest level of the enterprise. Administration represents the top layer of the management hierarchy of the organization. 

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