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The party of the Scribes

The scribes were a group of highly learned people who dedicated themselves to the study of the Law of Moses and its interpretations. Their original function was to write down the history of the Jewish nation but with time, they became the preservers of the law. They were the ones who transcribed, copied and interpreted the laws. They also devoted themselves to the interpretation of the difficult passages of the scriptures. Naturally, they became the teachers of the law and teaching the traditions of the Elders too.

There were two distinguished types of Scribes in the day. One type had a school where he taught his particular brand of the law. He could charge fees as a way of rewarding himself for tutoring the students. Except that some of them charged very exorbitant fees. The other type of scribe may not have a school of his own but operated as an itinerant teacher who moved about the towns and villages, teaching the law. Where they became guests in synagogue meetings, they were allowed to lead in the discussion of the scriptures and sometimes gave words of exhortation to the congregants.

It was the Scribes who connived with the Pharisees to oppose Jesus and they are alleged to have taken part in the conspiracy to eliminate Jesus. They are generally regarded as a bunch of spiritually corrupt people.     

1. Write shot notes on any one of the following
a. Scribes
b. Herodians
c. Sadducees

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