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The party of the Herodians

The Herodians derived their name from the fact that they were supporters of Herod the Great and his dynasty. In other words, they were the group that aided the perpetuation of the rule of the Herods.

Several reasons account for the support the Herodians gave to the Herods and to Roman rule. One of the reasons for their support for the Herods was to secure the opportunity to occupy positions of affluence. Another reason for their support was that it would eventually bring national independence to the people.

The Herodians were not a popular bunch of people among the Jews, particularly; they were hated by the Pharisees on political and religious grounds. They were also not popular with the Zealots whose pre-occupation was to remove the Roman government even if it meant using violence.

Strangely enough, it was the Herodians who teamed up with the Pharisees to ask Jesus concerning the payment of taxes to Caesar or to the Roman government.

1. Write shot notes on any one of the following
a. Scribes
b. Herodians
c. Sadducees

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