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The parable of the Mustard seed

Jesus’ use of the mustard seed in a parable was to draw a comparison between the small mustard seed growing into a big tree and the word of God starting from a small beginning and growing into a global religion.

Jesus did a thorough mental search for something or a parable with which he could compare the Kingdom of God and settled on the mustard seed. According to Jesus, the Kingdom of God could be compared to a mustard seed. He said when one puts a mustard seed in the soil; it is the smallest seed, of all the seeds in the world.

However, when this seed germinates and grows, it grows into a giant tree, according to him, the greatest of all trees. It develops huge branches on which birds of the air come to perch and make their nests.

In this parable, the mustard seed represents the Kingdom of God while the spread of the branches represents how the gospel was going to spread throughout the world, reaching all the nations of the world.

1. a. Narrate the parable of the mustard seed.
    b. How does it illustrate the concept of the Kingdom of God?

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