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The parable of the pounds

According to Luke, Jesus told the people this particular parable because he was near Jerusalem and because the people were thinking that he had come to establish the kingdom immediately.

The parable went like this: a nobleman traveled to a far away country to go and receive a kingdom and come back. He called ten servants and gave them ten pounds to start a trading business till he came back. His citizens, who hated him, sent a message ahead of him, saying they did not want him as their king.

The nobleman returned with the kingdom and summoned his servants so as to go through the accounts with them to determine how much profit they had made in his absence. The first one said he traded with the pounds and made ten pounds and the nobleman gave him authority over ten cities because he was faithful in a little. The second one came and said he used the money in business and made a profit of five pounds. The nobleman gave him authority over five cities because he was faithful in a little.

The third servant told the nobleman that he was afraid of him (the nobleman) because he was a wicked person who reaps where he does not sow therefore he kept his money in a napkin. Then the servant gave the pounds to the nobleman. The nobleman rebuked this servant, saying if he knew he was a wicked man who reaped where he does not sow; he should have kept his pounds in the bank so that when he came back, he would have made some gains on it.

The nobleman asked those who were standing by to take the pounds from him and give it to the man who had ten pounds. When the people complained that he already had ten pounds, the nobleman said those who had shall more be added to and those who have not, the little they have shall be taken away.

The he said they should bring those who hated him, who did not want him to rule over them. Then he instructed that they must be killed before him.

In the parable, the nobleman represented Jesus and the servants represented the Christians. In the parable, Jesus was trying to tell them that the kingdom was not to be immediately established; rather it was going to be established in the very distant future. His parable was to advise them that as they wait for the second coming, they should engage in work that would profit them. Work such as to preach to people about the gospel and to bring them to the kingdom of God.

1. Narrate the parable of the pounds.

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