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The healing of the demoniac at Gerasens

One day, Jesus went into the country of the Gerasenes on the other side of the Sea. When he stepped out of the boat, he met a man with an unclean spirit who dwelt in the cemetery. According to Mark, the demoniac was chained to restrain them and he used to break the chains and cried day and night.

Upon recognizing Jesus as the Messiah and the son of the most high God, the demoniac begged Jesus not to destroy him. He asked Jesus to cast him into a herd of swine that were feeding nearby.

Jesus asked the demoniac his name and he said his name was “Legion” because they were many. Jesus cast the demon away and they entered into the herd of swine and the swine rushed into the Sea and got drowned.

This was a great economic lost to the herdsmen. They rushed into the town to report what had happened. When the people of the town came around, they asked Jesus to leave their territory. The demoniac, who by now was healed, asked Jesus if he could follow him. Jesus declined, he rather told the man to go into the town and broadcast what the Lord had done for him. The man went and preached the good news to the people in the Decapolis.

1. One of the ways of improving the lot of mental patients is to ensure that the basic facilities at the psychiatric hospitals.

2. Another way is to train more specialists in the fields of psychiatry to man the mental departments of the various hospitals.

3. If the government is able subsidize drugs that are available for mental patients. This way, it would be affordable for them to acquire.

4. Educate the mass of the people to change their attitude to mental patients who have been healed and accept them back into the society.

5. Establishment of Counseling Centres to provide counseling services for the people.   

1. Give an account of Jesus' miracles in the land of the Gerasenes.

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