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Stilling of the storm on the Sea

One day, after Jesus had finished preaching to the people, and had been tired, he entered the boat with his disciples to cross to another side of the Lake, away from the crowd.

When he entered the boat, being tired, he went to the deeper part of the boat and fell asleep. At a certain point in their journey, they were met by a fierce storm. The storm rocked the boat and water had started entering the boat. The disciples were really scared. Meanwhile, Jesus was still sleeping on a cushion inside the boat.

The disciples went to Jesus and asked him whether he did not care if they perished. Mark recorded “Teacher, do not care if we perished?”, Matthew recorded “Save, Lord we are perishing" and Luke wrote that “Master, master, we are perishing”.

When Jesus woke up, he spoke to the storm by saying, “Peace be still.” After he spoke these words, the storm ceased. The disciples were surprised and declared “Who is this man that even the wind and the Sea obey him?”

1. Narrate the story of the stilling of the storm.

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