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Jesus heals Jairus' daughter

When Jesus returned to Lake Gennesaret, a man came to him, imploring him to heal his daughter who was at the verge of death. According to Matthew, however, the child had just died.

The man was called Jairus. He was the supervisor of the Synagogue. He fell at the feet of Jesus and made the request for the daughter to be healed. 
Jesus agreed to heal the daughter and they were walking to Jairus’ house for the child to be healed. While they were on the way, some servants met them on the way and told Jairus not to disturb Jesus anymore because the child was already dead. According to Mark, Jesus told the man not to be afraid but only believe.

When they came to Jairus’ house, there was a great crowd that was wailing and shouting. Jesus asked why they were wailing because the child was not dead, but was merely asleep. The people laughed because they knew the child was dead. Jesus sent all the people outside. He allowed the girl’s father, mother and the few who were with him and went to where the child was.

When Jesus got there, he told the little girl to rise. The child immediately got up and walked. All the people who had gathered were amazed at what had happened. Jesus asked them to give the child something to eat. Jesus asked the people not to tell anyone what had just transpired. The child was just twelve years old.

1. One of the ways God is still performing miracles is that people’s lifestyle is being changed from thieves and armed-robbery etc., to committed Christians just by listening to the word of God.

2. God is also performing miracles through the healing that people receive in the hands of nurses and doctors in various medical facilities.

3. Also people are being healed in many churches through the power of God.

1. a. Give an account of the healing of Jairus’ daughter as recorded by the synoptic writers.
    b. How is God, still engaged in the healing business today?

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