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The healing of the Centurion's servant

One day, Jesus entered Capernaum after his many speaking engagements. There was a Centurion in that city that had a slave. The slave was very dear to him. This slave was sick and at the point of death, according to Luke, but Matthew recorded that he slave was paralyzed and was in a terrible distress.

When the Centurion heard that Jesus was in town, he sent some elders of the Jews to tell Jesus to come and heal his slave. The elders besought Jesus to heal the servant for the centurion because he was a kind person to the Jews. They said he even built for them a Synagogue. Luke, however, recorded that it was the Centurion himself who came to see Jesus to ask him to heal his slave.   Jesus agreed to go and heal the servant.

Matthew recorded the Centurion telling Jesus that he was not worthy for Jesus to come to his house. He should just say the word and his servant would be healed. He added that as a Centurion, he had servants under him and could command them to do his bidding. Jesus was marveled at the level of faith the man had. He turned to the people and said, not even in Israel had he seen that level of faith. He added that other people would enjoy the goodies of the kingdom of God while the Jews would be cast out. He told the man to go and that his desires had already been met.

In the Lukan account on the other hand, the servants who were sent by the Centurion, were coming with Jesus but the Centurion sent another batch of servants to tell Jesus not to come to his house because he was not worthy to receive him in his house, he should say the word and his servant shall be made whole.

1. One of the ways God is still performing miracles is that people’s lifestyle is being changed from thieves and armed-robbery etc., to committed Christians just by listening to the word of God.

2. God is also performing miracles through the healing that people receive in the hands of nurses and doctors in various medical facilities.

3. Also people are being healed in many churches through the power of God.

1. Narrate the story of the healing of the Centurion’s servant.

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