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Jonah's experience in the belly of the fish in Nineveh

After the Captain of the ship, crew members and Seafarers realized that Jonah was the cause of the storm they were facing, they followed Jonah’s advice to throw him into the Sea. God then sent a big fish to go and swallow him and he stayed in the belly of the fish for three days.

Right inside the belly of the fish, Jonah prayed to God that He might deliver him. God responded by sending the fish to go and vomit him ashore. Then God told Jonah, the second time, to go and preach to the people of Nineveh to mend their ways or perish. This time, Jonah went to Nineveh.

Jonah preached to the inhabitants of Nineveh to repent from their wicked ways and mend their ways otherwise, within forty days, God was going to destroy the city. The people of Nineveh heard the voice of Jonah and turned away from their sins and believed in God. They declared a fast and wore sack clothes, from the least to the greatest. When the king of Nineveh heard what was going on, he joined the whole nation. By a decree, he extended the fast to even the beasts of the land. He advised the nation to repent so that God’s wrath against them could be averted.

When God saw the sincerity of the people of Nineveh, he changed His mind and decided not to destroy the city anymore. However, Jonah was not happy that Nineveh was saved. He departed to the outskirts of the city and built a booth under which he sat, waiting for the destruction of Nineveh. God saw his discomfort in the blazing Sun and caused a plant to grow and cover him from the Sun rays. Jonah became happy because of the shade provided by the plant.

The next day, God killed the plant and exposed Jonah to the elements and Jonah became displeased again. He was angry on account of the death of the plant. God now questioned Jonah why he could be sad on account of the death of a plant which he did not labour to create and not be concerned about the 120,000 inhabitants of Nineveh and wish that they perish?

God was trying to tell Jonah that if he was worried about a mere plant that he did not have any hand in growing, then it was within His power to be worried about the people of Nineveh enough not to let them perish.

1. God is the God of the entire world and he does not distinguish between the people of Israel and other nations.

2. God has the capacity to forgive even the most grievous sins.

3. God has control over all his creations and can use any to work in a manner He pleases.

1. God owns the world so he can use any of his creations to accomplish his purpose.

2. God is not confined to any geographical location, He is everywhere in the entire world.

3. Nobody can truly run away from the presence of God.

4. God can orchestrate any situation that should compel people to believe him and turn to him.

1. a. Recount the experience of Jonah in the belly of the fish and in Nineveh.
    b. In which three ways was the nature of Go revealed in Jonah’s experience? 

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