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How Jonah was swallowed by the fish

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God asked Jonah to go and preach to the people of Nineveh because their wickedness had come up to him in heaven. However, Jonah did not want to go because he believed that God was a merciful God and would forgive them if he preached to them and they repent. Meaning Nineveh would never be punished for their wickedness.

Jonah went to Joppa and paid a fare to escape from God to Tarshish. When the ship set sail from Tarshish, Jonah was aboard. He went deep inside the ship and fell asleep.

On the high Seas, there arose a great storm that threatened to break the ship apart and everyone on board was praying to his god to help save the situation while Jonah was still asleep. The Seafarers, at a point, threw some of the luggage on board into the Sea to make the ship lighter but it did not help.

The Captain of the ship went to Jonah and told him to also call upon his god to come and save them. After some time, they cast lot to see on account of whom they were facing the situation in which they were and the lot fell on Jonah. They all quizzed him about his occupation, his nationality and his race. Jonah confessed that he was a Hebrew and a servant of the God that made the Oceans and the dry land.

They people became afraid when they heard this and inquired from Jonah what they must do. Jonah told them to cast him into the Sea because he was the cause of their problem. They refused to throw him into the Sea and rather tried to contain the situation. After some time, when they realized that they could not stabilize the ship and the storm was getting even stronger, they threw Jonah into the Sea and God sent a big fish to go and swallow Jonah.

1. It is possible for people to suffer the consequences of other people’s sins.

2. People must learn from other people’s experiences and turn to God.

3. There are dangerous consequences awaiting those who disobey God.

1. God owns the world so he can use any of his creations to accomplish his purpose.

2. God is not confined to any geographical location, He is everywhere in the entire world.

3. Nobody can truly run away from the presence of God.

4. God can orchestrate any situation to compel people to believe him and turn to him.

1. a. Relate the story of Jonah as he escaped from God to Tarshish.
    b. What three moral lessons can be learned from his experience?

2. a. Narrate the story of how Jonah came to be in the belly of the fish.
    b. What three lessons does this story teach about the nature of God?

3. a. What circumstances led to Jonah being thrown in to the Ocean?   
    b. In which three ways was the universality of God revealed in the story?

4. a. How did Jonah react to God’s message?
    b. What three lessons can be learned about the nature of God?

Jonah's experience in the belly of the fish and in Nineveh>> 

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