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Expressions with avoir

Expressions with avoir
The verb avoir occurs in numerous idiomatic expressions. Many ideas conveyed with expressions using avoir relate to feelings or sensations. They often have English equivalents that use the verb to be.
avoir..... ans (to be . . . years old)      avoir sommeil (to be sleepy)
avoir chaud (to be warm, hot)                        avoir peur (de) (to be afraid [of])
avoir froid (to be cold)                                     avoir besoin de (to need [to])
avoir faim (to be hungry)                     avoir envie de (to feel like)
avoir soif (to be thirsty)

study these sentences carefully
J’ai vingt ans. I am twenty years old.
J’ai faim et j’ai mal à la tête. I am hungry, and I have a headache.
Nous avons de la chance! We are lucky!
Les jeux Olympiques ont lieu ici. The Olympic games are taking place here.
Elle a tort; je n’ai pas sommeil. She is wrong; I am not sleepy.
Nous n’avons pas envie de danser. We don’t feel like dancing.

Avoir... ans: Asking Someone’s Age
Learn Quel âge avez-vous? or Quel âge as-tu? (How old are you?) as a
fixed expression. You will learn more about question forms in Chapter 3.
Quel âge avez-vous? How old are you?
J’ai vingt-neuf ans. I’m twenty-nine.

Key Vocabulary
Your home or apartment and its furnishings make up your most familiar surroundings.
La maison (The House)- Noms (Nouns)
Make sure to learn the gender (masculine or feminine) of each of these nouns.
la bibliothèque (library, study)                le bois (wood)
le cahier (notebook)                                   le canapé (sofa)
la chaise (chair)                                          la chambre (bedroom)
la cheminée (fi replace; chimney)                       la clé (key)
le crayon (pencil)                                        la cuisine (kitchen)
la cuisinière (stove)                                               le fauteuil (armchair, easy chair)
la fenêtre (window)                                                le four (oven)
le foyer (entryway, hearth)                                     le frigo (refrigerator)
la glace (mirror)                                           le jardin (garden, yard)
la lampe (lamp, light)                                 le lit (bed)
la maison (house)                                      le mur (wall)
l’ordinateur (m.) (computer)                     le piano (piano)
le placard (cupboard; closet)                    le plafond (ceiling)
le plancher (floor)                                       la porte (door)
le réveil (alarm clock)                                les rideaux (m.) (curtains)
la salle à manger (dining room)             la salle de bains (bathroom)
le salon (living room)                                 le stylo (pen)
le tapis (rug, carpet)                                   la terrasse (patio, terrace)
la vidéo (le DVD) (video [DVD])

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