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Adjectives in French

Adjectifs (Adjectives)
In the following list, the feminine forms of adjectives are shown only if the adjective changes.
agréable (pleasant)                                    joli(e) (pretty)
ancien(ne) (old; former)                long(ue) (long)
bleu marine (navy blue)                ma, mon, mes (my)
confortable (comfortable)                         privé(e) (private)
extérieur(e) (outside)                    propre (clean)
fin(e) (fine, delicate)                        simple (simple)
gris(e) (gray)                                    spacieux (-euse) (spacious)
intérieur(e) (inside, interior)

Adverbes (Adverbs)
assez (de) (rather; enough)          en général (generally)
aussi (also)                                      toujours (always)
beaucoup de (a lot of)                   très (very)
encore (still, yet)

Prépositions (Prepositions)
avec (with)                devant (in front of)              dans (in)

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