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The features of state farms

A state farm can be described as a farm that has been established by a government with all the necessary funding and input provided by the state. The sole aim of which is the production of crops and meat products for consumption and to feed the industries. Under President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, a lot of state farms were established but were abandoned after he was overthrown.

State owned
One of the features of a state farm is that it is wholly owned by the government. It is the government that establishes the farms and therefore takes ownership of the whole entity. State farms were common in Ghana under the Kwame Nkrumah government and they were the deliberate creations of the government of the day.

State controlled
Another feature of state farms is that, having been established by government, they are under the strict control of the government. The government appoints managers of the farms, ensures that inputs are distributed adequately to the various farms. After the crops are harvested, the government ensures that the produce is properly stored and distributed for people to purchase and the rest processed or exported.

Uniform supply of input
Another feature of state farms is that inputs were supplied to the farms in a uniform manner. Where seeds are to be supplied, they were sent around the same time period and if for example, farms needed to be sprayed during a pesticide attack, all affected farms were dealt with at the same time.

Time bound activities
Another feature of state farms is that their activities were time bound. In other words, farm activities such as, preparation of land, planting of seeds or seedlings, application of fertilizer, application of pesticides, harvesting and storage are all time bound. The central nature of the command structure ensures that all the farms were expected to keep within a certain time frame in carrying out their activities.

Job creation
Another feature of state farms is that it created jobs for the people. The state farms employed labourers, tractor operators, extension officers, farm managers, marketers and other categories of workers. So the existence of state farms put food on the table for a lot of people.

Launching pad for industrialization
The state farms that were established in Ghana, for example, were to launch the country into an industrialized mode. The rubber plantation was to feed the tyre manufacturing factory that was established. The farms established a proper linkage between agriculture and industry.

1. Highlight six features of a state farm.

2. What six characteristics can be used in identifying state farms?

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