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The fall of man

After God had created man he planted a garden in Eden, in the east and put man inside the garden.

God created every tree that was pleasant to the eye and for food, including the tree of life which was in the middle of the garden and also the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God warned man not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil lest he dies.

After a while God saw that man was lonely so he created a woman to be his companion. He put man into a deep sleep and took a bone from his rib with which he made a companion for man. Man called the companion, woman because she was taken out of man.

One day, while the man was away, the serpent came to the woman and succeeded in convincing her to eat from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Initially, the woman told the serpent about God’s warning that if they ate the fruit, they were going to die. The serpent lied that it was not true. They were not going to die. Rather they were going to become as wise as God himself knowing both good and evil.

When the woman heard this, she looked again at the tree and realized that it was good for food and was a delight to behold and better still, make her become wise; she ate some of the fruit and gave her husband too. After eating, they realized that they were naked so they sewed fig leaves to cover their nakedness.

In the cool of the day, God was walking in the garden and when the man and the woman heard of God’s footsteps, they hid themselves among the trees. God called the man and asked where he was. The man said he heard of him and was afraid because he was naked. God asked who told him he was naked; he also asked whether he had eaten of the tree he told them not to. The man replied that it was the woman who gave him to eat. When God questioned the woman, she said it was the serpent which deceived her and she ate of the fruit.

Then God cursed all the characters who took part in the dastardly act of disobedience. The serpent shall walk on its stomach for the rest of its life and there would be enmity between the serpent and man. The man shall bruise the serpent on the head and the serpent shall bite the heels of the man.

God cursed the woman by saying she shall bear children in pain but her desire shall always be for her husband.

God told the man that since he chose to listen to the woman and disobey God, he shall suffer to cultivate the land. He shall sweat before he eats all the days of his life.

However, God made leather clothing for the man and his wife to cover their nakedness. God said, since man had eaten the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and had become wise, he could also find a way to eat from the tree of life and remain alive forever. So God banished man from the Garden of Eden.  

God placed cherubim at the east of the garden and swords of fire which turned in all directions so that man can be prevented from getting to the tree of life.

1. Suffering follows disobedience

2. God abhors sin

3. Sin can send humans from the presence of God

4. Men must be on the look lest they fall into the trap of Satan. 

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