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Cain and Abel

Adam and Eve, the first of God’s created human beings bore a first son whom they named Cain which means “I have gotten a man through the help of the Lord”. After some time, they had another son whom they named Abel.

Abel was a herdsman and Cain was a farmer. One day, Cain brought to God the fruit of his labour which were produce from his farm. Abel also brought fruits from his labour which were the firstlings of his animals and fat portions.

God accepted Abel’s offerings but did not accept that of Cain. Cain angry that his sacrifice was not accepted and his demeanor changed. When God noticed it he asked why. God said if he had offered a good offering, it would have been accepted, because he did otherwise that was why his was not accepted. He warned him that sin was lurking around him and that he should master his anger.

Cain asked his brother Abel to accompany him to the field but when they got to the field, he killed him. 

Later, God asked Cain where his brother was but he just retorted that he did not know and asked God whether he was his brother’s keeper.

God told Cain that his brother’s blood which he had shed had cried out from the ground to him in heaven. He told Cain that he was cursed from the ground. From then on if he, Cain, tilled the land, he was not going to get the required yield. God also said Cain had become a fugitive to be wandering in the world.

Cain pleaded with the Lord. He complained that his punishment was too much for him to bear. He feared that as a fugitive, anybody who met him was going to kill him. However, God assured him that anybody who killed him shall receive a seven-fold vengeance. God put a mark on Cain so that anybody who comes across him shall spare his life.

Then Cain left the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod which was in the east of Eden.

1. a. Trace the circumstances that led to the killing of Abe.
    b. Narrate God’s reaction to Cain’s action.

2. a. “I do not know, am I my brother’s keeper?” What events led to the making of this statement?
   b. What did God do in response to this statement?

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