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The factors that account for low agricultural production in Nigeria

Lack of funds
Another major factor contributing to low agricultural production in Nigeria is the absence of adequate financial resources to invest in the venture.  To be able to produce much, the farmer must plough large tracks of land, acquire the best seeds or seedlings, and apply fertilizer. All these require money which the farmer may not have. Therefore he cannot produce as much as possible.

Absence of adequate credit facilities from the banks
The banks in Nigeria are not too willing to extend credit facility to the farmers. This is sometimes due to the fact that they do not have the requisite guarantee or collateral. The banks think that extending credit to the farmers is a risky venture so they are reluctant to do so. This is also a problem affecting productivity in Nigeria.

The Rural-urban drift
The average Nigerian believes that there are more opportunities in the cities than in the villages. This has contributed to the movement of the young men from the villages to the cities looking for jobs that are not available. The result is that the number of people engaged in agriculture are becoming smaller and smaller. This is another contributing factor to low agricultural productivity in Nigeria.

Small size of market for their produce
The problem with the farmers is that even after producing the food, they do not have a large and ready market to sell them. This is especially so when there is a glut. Some farm produce are left on the farms because there are no buyers. Even when the buyers eventually come, they quote very ridiculous prices. No serious minded person is willing to invest in such an area of industry.  

Subsistence agriculture
Most Nigerians are still glued to subsistence farming where they produce only to feed their families. The rest of the people have to rely on the few commercial farmers in business or to depend on imported processed food. This is another reason why Nigeria is not that sufficient in her agricultural production.

Inadequate pest control
Some Nigerian farmers suffer from pest attacks which destroy their entire crop production. This constitutes a disincentive to the farmer. There are also diseases that affect livestock. Farmers can lose an entire stock of animals because of disease. When such things happen, they bring the level of agricultural production down.

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